The scale up of DGFP eMIS continued in 2020-21

The scale up of DGFP eMIS continued in 2020-21

While theCOVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the country since March 2020, the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) has maintained the momentum in the scale up of eMIS. The number of districts and, most importantly, the number of upazilas under the eMIS increased significantly in the last fiscal year (July 2020 to June 2021). Courses were organized for Upazila Family Planning Officers (UFPO), Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officers (SACMO), Family Welfare Visitors (FWV), Family Planning Inspectors (FPI) and Family Welfare Assistants (FWA). In total, 122 courses were organized in FY 20-21 to impart training on FWA eRegister, FPI eSupervision System, Facility eRegisters (including CSBA eRegister), and UFPO eManagement System.

A course on Troubleshooting was organized to train field supervisor and others to solve basic technical problems at the local level. In addition to core users, in all the courses, some participants responsible for monitoring the activities from the upazila or district were also included. Altogether, app specific courses were organized in 16 districts. The course on Troubleshooting was organized in Dhaka (six batches, 233 participants) for which participants were selected after conducting an aptitude test. Please see the table below for a list of courses by district, category of participant, and dates of training:

Districts Course Name Participants Jul-Dec 2020 Jan-Jun 2021 Total
Bandarban Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 2 2
Barguna Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 5 5
FPI eSupervision System FPI 2 2
FWA eRegister FWA 8 8
Brahmanbaria Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 1 1
FWA eRegister FWA 16 16
Chattogram FPI eSupervision System FPI 6 6
FWA eRegister FWA 2 2
Cumilla Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 10 10
Dhaka FWA eRegister FWA 2 2
Gaibandha Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 4 4
Gopalganj Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 5 5
FPI eSupervision System FPI 2 2
FWA eRegister FWA 4 7 11
Jhalokathi Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 1 1
FWA eRegister FWA 3 3 6
Khagrachari Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 2 2
Manikganj FPI eSupervision System FPI 1 1 2
FWA eRegister FWA 8 8
Narail FWA eRegister FWA 2 2
Nilphamari Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 2 2
Rangamati Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 6 6
Rangpur UFPO eManagement System UFPO 3 3
Sylhet Facilities eRegister FWV, SACMO 3 3
All eMIS districts Troubleshooting Course FPI and others 11 11
Total   41 81 122

District-wise scale up

Four more new districts were added during this FY. The following table depicts the progress achieved at the end of June 2021.

Period under review Number of districts under eMIS Number of upazilas under eMIS Upazilas with community systems Upazila with Facility Systems
Up to 30 June 2020 32 220 183 149
July 20 to June 2021 36 250 227 203

The users

The number of users also increased:

Designation Number Roles and responsibilities
Upazila Family Planning Officer (UFPO) 209 Sub-district manager
Family Planning Inspector 1,880 Supervisor of FWAs
Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officer 599 Facility provider
Family Welfare Visitor 1,127 Facility provider
Family Welfare Assistant 7,310 Community level worker
Total as of June 2021 11,125

Data residing in eMIS databases

The eMIS databases bear the testimony of the activities carried out by different community level workers.  From FY 2020 to FY 2021, year on year, performance data exploded substantially, as shown in the table below:

Items Up to June 2020 Up to June 2021 Growth
Household registration 4,875,736 7,627,418 64%
Population registration 21,118,254 34,032,172 62%
Eligible couples registered 3,590,945 6,357,345 56%
Records of pregnant women 550,862 896,876 61%
Records of ANC services (at least 1) 881,385 1,351,486 65%
Delivery records (community/facility) 223,727 367,557 61%
Records of newborn 223,261 369,188 60%
PNC service child 301,759 535,473 56%
PNC services to mothers 331,483 580,836 57%
Records of death captured 28,647 49,644 58%
General patients served 1,293,514 1,828,914 71%


It can be said that the eMIS is going at full steam and databases are growing exponentially. The enthusiasm of the DGFP and its field level workers is noteworthy in this USAID-supported digital initiative. While COVID-19 pandemic created some problems and a few training programs had to be postponed later (in the last week of June 2021), the momentum created so far is likely to result in robust implementation in the coming days.

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