HI eSupervision System

HI eSupervision System2018-12-03T04:45:44-06:00

The Assistant Health Inspector supervises and coordinates the activities of Health
Assistants (HAs). There are similarities of work between the AHI and HI, however, the
HI also supervises the work of an AHI. They work under the Upazila Health Complex,
an upazila level health facility of DGHS. They are accountable to the Upazila Health
and Family Planning Officer (UHFPO). The AHIs are required to visit households visited
by HAs and to check if service delivery and data collection guidelines and instructions
have been followed during their interaction with clients. These activities have been
converted into a digital system and can be recorded on a mobile device onsite by
the AHI through the AHI eSupervision system and HI eSupervision system. These
eSupervision systems are android-based mHealth applications.

Download brochure on AHI eSupervision System and HI eSupervision System.