AHI eSupervision System

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AHI eSupervision System

The Assistant Health Inspector supervises and coordinates the activities of Health Assistants (HAs). They work under the Upazila Health Complex, an upazila level health facility of DGHS. They are accountable to the Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer (UHFPO). The AHIs are required to visit households visited by HAs and to check if service delivery and data collection guidelines and instructions have been followed during their interaction with clients. These activities have been converted into a digital system and can be recorded on a mobile device onsite by the AHI through the AHI eSupervision system. This eSupervision system is an android-based mHealth application.

How do the AHI eSupervision work?

The AHI eSupervision system has the following functions: approval of HA advance work plans, supervision of HA monthly activities, verification of information collected by the HA. The routine data collected by the HA on immunization, maternal and child health, and births/deaths can be verified by the AHI through this system. Before performing such tasks, the AHIs need to download relevant data from the server database using the internet. They can work offline with downloaded data. Finally, AHIs can prepare their own work plans and submit them to HI.

Components of AHI eSupervision System

Approval of HA advance work plans

Usually there are three HAs in a union, who are supervised by an AHI. The HAs are required to submit a work plan for approval by the AHI prior to the commencement of every month. All work plans are downloaded from the server for review or approval. The AHI can approve the work plan or suggest modifications which need to be addressed by the HA and re-submitted for approval.

Verification of data

The AHI e Supervision System allows the AHI to verify the data collected by the HA, such as personal and demographic data collected through the Population Registration System including data on socio economic variables, pregnant women and children. The AHI is required to check data accuracy and provide feedback to the HA.

Submission of AHI advance work plan

AHIs are required to submit their own advance work plans to the UHFPO for approval. This Advance Work Plan tool allows the AHI to submit the work plan to the UHFPO. The UHFPO can approve the work plan as is or suggest modifications. After any modification, the work plan has to be re-submitted for approval.

Inspection following IPC

One of the key activities of the AHI is to inspect households to see whether the HA visited the household and provided sufficient information on immunization activities during IPC (Inter-personal Communication) campaigns. These visits include discussions with household members on the visit by the HA, dissemination of vaccine information, and whether a vaccination card was given.

Monitoring the status of HA advance work plans

The AHI is able to monitor the status of HA work plans i.e., compliance with planned activities on day to day basis provided data is uploaded by the HA.

Session inspection

AHIs are required to inspect EPI Centers or Satellite Clinics during immunizations. Using the AHI app, the AHI can find out who is present (e.g. HA, FWA, Vaccinator, etc.). The AHI can check the availability of registers, cards, and tally books and AEFI report books, and physically verify that items necessary for immunization such as vaccine, AD syringe, mixing syringe, BCG mixing syringe, safety box, Vitamin A Capsule (red), Vitamin A Capsule (blue) are available. The AHI can examine whether ice packs are conditioned properly or not. The AHI can also examine the vaccine carrier to check if the cold chain is maintained properly for the vaccine/diluent (BCG, Penta, Polio, PCV, IPV, MR and TT). A checklist on all observations is available in the eSupervision system.

Coverage (Ongoing and scale-up)

7 Districts
53 Upazilas
Approximately 3.4 million households
Approximately 15.4 million population (under digital service)
More than 950 users (AHI & HI)

Download brochure on AHI eSupervision System and HI eSupervision System.